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13 ways to stop drinking soda

The iHeartRadio Awards: Swift Rules And Performs With Madonna

The second annual iHeartRadio Music Awards ended just a short time ago, and the media conglomerate certainly brought the star power, as you really don’t want to annoy the company that owns a huge number of radio stations in the country. The show featured performances from some of the biggest [...]

Ground war coming to Yemen?

Oversized military trucks painted in desert beige hauled tanks in the same camouflage color down a dark highway late Saturday past glowing billboards in the Saudi Arabian town of Jazan.

What nutritionists would order at McDonald's

The scenario goes a little something like this: You're on a long drive, the road ahead is completely bare and your stomach is making noises louder than the radio.

Six of the best things to watch on TV this week

They thought they had found a paradise. They thought wrong.

Sex assault filmed on subway

A man has been charged with first degree aggravated sexual abuse after police say video shows him attacking a sleeping passenger on the subway.

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